At the push of a button

Is how things happen today. I was driving Nick and his friend to school this morning when he asked me how much money was in his account. After I told him I then said I would check with my phone when I dropped him off since ‘I have an app for that!’ The amount was $20 less then I had told him in the car, his reply was ‘that makes sense I just bought a data plan.’

So in the time it took us to drive to school, he bought something and the money came out of the account. At the touch of a button.

In fact I’m posting this from Panera while waiting for my tea to cool.


About Suzi

No more wandering in the Hudson Valley. I have achieved my dream, it was a long time working toward it, but now I am here, living in NYC. My dream, my goal, my purpose in life. View all posts by Suzi

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