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Walk now for autism speaks

Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hot

Not the picture I wanted, it doesn’t really make me think of ‘hot’, but it’s all I could find, and it is fire, so it is HOT.

What’s new?

And you know what’s old? Every thing else, including the smell.

Weekly photo challenge: water

This is the ‘skate park’ at the local community park. Guess they forgot it rains in NY and didn’t put a drainage system in it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Red

I have no idea what this was/is. I saw it down by One Police Plaza in New York. It was a bitter cold day and there was nothing else to do but walk around, take pictures and try not to freeze to death.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

Who says lines have to be drawn, or perfectly straight? This is my favorite line, ballplayers coming off the diamond, lined up to high five each other in celebration of a victory.