Toxic Algae Found in Two Central Park Waterways

West Side Rag, June 11th, 2018


The state Department of Environmental Conservation has found toxic algae in the Harlem Meer and the Lake in Central Park, according to lab samples taken this month.

Unlike other lakes in the state, the concentrations of algae in the two Central Park lakes are not considered to have “high toxins.”

Such “Harmful Algae Blooms” can hurt people and animals, according to the state. “People, pets and livestock should avoid contact with water that is discolored or has algae scums on the surface. Colors can include shades of green, blue-green, yellow, brown or red. If contact does occur, rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove algae.”

Some species of algae have been known to be particularly harmful to dogs who swim in it and then lick their fur. It’s not clear if the Central Park algae falls into those categories.

The DEC has a list of things to know about Harmful Algae Blooms.

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