Changes in hunting laws, make yourself heard

DEC accepting Public Comments on Deer and Turkey Hunting Seasons until June 29

NYC Today, May 27th, 2015,


The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) wants to bring in new changes in deer and turkey hunting seasons. DEC officials have asked the public to propose changes and the ideas are welcome until Monday, June 29.

The changes in the laws can take effect as soon as this fall. The agency has proposed to limit the turkey hunting seasons to two weeks and a limit of one bird of either sex for the season. The changes will be made owing to long-term decline in turkey population.

The agency has also proposed to reduce the fisher trapping seasons in northern New York. It has also proposed to come up with a new fish trapping season in central and western New York. It has also been proposed to make modifications in antlerless deer hunting seasons in parts of western and southeastern New York and Long Island.

In many areas of the state, hunting antlerless deer would be banned, including Putnam County, owing to limited population. On the other hand, there would be some parts of the state where authorities concerned would encourage more antlerless deer hunting as there are many animals this is causing problem to people and area ecosystems.


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