Blue-Green Algal Bloom Notices

  • New information about lakes with blue-green algae bloom notices was posted today, September 13, on the DEC Blue-Green Algal Bloom Notices webpage.

    This week, 6 waterbodies were added to the notification list and blooms were reported in several locations in the state. This information is provided from 135 waterbodies sampled in the last two weeks by DEC monitoring programs, volunteers and public reports.

    Because waterbodies may have blue-green algae blooms that have not been reported to DEC, we recommend avoiding contact with floating rafts, scums and discolored water — If you see it, avoid it and report it!

  • Lake residents can reduce the likelihood of a bloom

    There are a number of ways for lake residents to reduce the likelihood of algae blooms on their lake. Most of these lake management actions are associated with reducing nutrients (phosphorus and nitrogen) to your lake.

    The amount of nutrients can be reduced by:

    • limiting lawn fertilization;
    • maintaining septic tanks and shoreline buffers;
    • reducing erosion and stormwater runoff, and maintaining water movement;
    • not feeding waterfowl.

    Many of these nutrient control strategies are discussed in chapters 7 and 9 of Diet for a Small Lake.

    Many of the nutrients that can cause an algae bloom are from activities and sources outside of shorefront properties. Lake residents and lake associations should work with local and county government agencies to identify sources of nutrients and strategies to reduce nutrient inputs to the lake.

    Visit DEC’s FAQs About Blue-Green Algae webpage to review answers to questions submitted to DEC.

  • Report a suspected bloom

    If you suspect you have seen a blue-green algae bloom, or you, your family, or pet has been in contact with a blue-green algae bloom, please follow the instructions for reporting a bloom to DEC.

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