Success Spotlight: Muddy Creek, Virginia

EPA’s Clean Water Act Section 319 Program provides funding for restoration of nonpoint source-impaired water bodies. This week’s success spotlight shines on Muddy Creek, Virginia, which is in an agricultural watershed in Rockingham County, approximately 15 miles northwest of Harrisonburg, Virginia. Nutrients from agriculture and failing septic systems increased levels of nitrate-nitrogen in Virginia’s Muddy Creek, exceeding the state’s water quality standard. As a result, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality added an approximately two-mile segment of the creek to the state’s list of impaired waters in 1998. Project partners worked with landowners to implement numerous residential and agricultural best management practices, including installing livestock exclusion fencing, planting buffers, as well as some soil conservation practices, which over time brought nitrogen levels in the creek into compliance with the water quality standards. As a result, the state removed this segment of Muddy Creek from its list of impaired waters for nitrate-nitrogen in 2010. Click here for more information on this story

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