EPA Releases New 2012 Guidelines for Water Reuse

Water reclamation and reuse have taken on increasing importance in the water supply of communities in the U.S. and around the world to achieve efficient resource use, ensure protection of environmental and human health, and improve water management. EPA has released the Agency’s 2012 guidelines for water reuse. The 2012 reuse guidelines update and build on the Agency’s previous reuse guidelines issued in 2004, incorporating information on water reuse that has been developed since the 2004 document was issued. In addition to summarizing U.S. existing regulations, the document includes water reuse practices outside of the U.S., case studies, information on planning for future water reuse systems, and information on indirect potable reuse and industrial reuse. Disinfection and treatment technologies, emerging contaminants, and public involvement and acceptance are also discussed. Click here for more information and to view a copy of the document.


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