Bathroom “Mini-Makeovers” Save Water, Energy, and Money

Giving a home’s main bathroom a mini-makeover by installing a WaterSense labeled toilet, faucet, and showerhead can save a household more than $80 annually and 7,000 gallons of water per year—enough water to wash six months’ worth of laundry. In addition to saving water, a mini-makeover saves energy by reducing the amount of water that needs to be heated—enough to power a refrigerator for two months. The combined utility savings can pay for the new fixtures in as little as two years.

Bathrooms are the biggest water users in homes, accounting for more than half of all indoor water use. With water utility costs on the rise—now averaging more than $700 per household per year across the United States—Americans can save by giving their bathrooms a mini-makeover with a WaterSense labeled toilet, faucet, and showerhead.

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For information on EPA’s WaterSense program:

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