Beat the Peak with Water-Saving Tips from WaterSense

When the mercury rises, so does residential water use. During dry summer months, outdoor water use increases, with more than 70 percent of water going to landscape irrigation in some areas of the country. This contributes to a phenomenon known as “peak water use season.” Water use further increases on weekends, as many people use this free time to tend lawns and landscapes, wash cars, and do laundry—all high water-using tasks.

From watering lawns and landscapes to filling swimming pools, the average American household’s water use can increase from 260 gallons of water per day to about 1,000 gallons per day! Some homes use as much as 3,000 gallons on a peak day. While using water efficiently is important throughout the year, sometimes the timing of water use can make a big difference for community water supplies—and water bills. Find tips on what you can do to reduce your summer water use here:


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