It’s only a game people

I’m all for team rivalry, I’m a Yankee fan and I love to hate the Red Sox. I will sit in my little room with my little T.V. on and yell at the players. Call them names like “Pukilis”, “Garden-Gnome” and “Papelbum or Puppy-bone”. Usually when they are beating the Yankees, but sometimes when they are losing.

Other teams when the batters strike out I tell them to “sit down, you’re out!” Stuff like that, however, I never vent anger at other fans, even when they are being stupid or resorting to personal insults to players. Certainly I would never go to the extreme of assaulting a rival team’s fan. I certainly hope this man recovers and I hope they catch the lowlife scum who did this. In my opinion this includes not only the people who beat him but also the woman who picked them up and drove away.

Bryan Stow Of Santa Cruz Remains Hospitalized After Ball Game Attack

Dodger Stadium Beating: Stadium Security Questioned As City Leaders Condemn Attack

By the way, it would be best if you didn’t read the comments on the articles.


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