This is just sad

“This Is Boston” Really?

This is the “2011 RED SOX ANTHEM – This Is Boston” that was going around Twitter and Facebook, and it is so bad I can’t even hate it. First off, the “All In” is the White Sox motto, he also talks about “A-Rod and Varitek” a classic fight, where Varitek punched A-Rod without taking off his mask thereby labeling himself a p****, Mariano blowing saves left and right, I guess he didn’t check Papelbon’s record for blown saves. Cameron feeding A-Rod popcorn, what relevance that has to Boston I have yet to figure out. He mentions Johnny Damon, well he was the hero of 2004, but now he plays for the Rays and was called Judas Damon when he left Boston, this is the 2011 Anthem, so I just don’t understand.


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