Too much excitement

If being sick but still having to do stuff wasn’t enough, the excitement never ends, after getting my hair done, picking up Nick and his friends, then dropping them off we get home. Nick walks in the house before me. I come in to chaos. Nick is yelling, stuff on the floor, Butterscotch running up and down on the window sill. But Butterscotch doesn’t run like that, it was one of the feral cats in our neighborhood, that looks just like our cat.

I hate those cats.

So they had me hold the door open while they ‘chased’ it outside. So I was standing in the cold, with my wet hair and sore throat waiting for this stupid wild cat to leave.

Of course it didn’t work, cat ran from the dining room to the living room, almost knocked over the router jumping onto the windowsill in there. Andrew finally caught it and took it outside.

I hate cats. Except for ours.


About Suzi

No more wandering in the Hudson Valley. I have achieved my dream, it was a long time working toward it, but now I am here, living in NYC. My dream, my goal, my purpose in life. View all posts by Suzi

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