EPA Celebrates American Wetlands Month and Coastal Wetlands Learn! Explore! Take Action!

May marks the 20th anniversary of American Wetlands Month (AWM), a time when EPA and its wetland partners celebrate the vital importance of wetlands to the nation’s ecological, economic, and social health. EPA and its partners are planning a number of events including:

  • A national Webcast, “Tools for Protecting Coastal Wetlands,” on May 4 that will provide information on several tools that can help address impacts on coastal wetland ecosystems in order to help improve decision-making and provide readily accessible information to practitioners (http://www.epa.gov/owow/watershed/wacademy/webcasts/).
  • National Wetlands Awards Ceremony on Capitol Hill, on May 19, the Environmental Law Institute, EPA, and other federal partners will honor a diverse group of individuals for their extraordinary commitment to conserving wetlands (http://www.nationalwetlandsawards.org).
  • An expert panel event, “Resilient Wetlands = Prosperous Economies,” to take place on Capitol Hill prior to the May 19 Awards Ceremony that will address various approaches to valuing wetland resources and EPA participation in one of the largest voluntary federal employee sponsored environmental stewardship events in the Chesapeake Bay watershed (switchgrass and native oyster restoration, digital elevation mapping activities, and fish sampling).

Activities planned for the month of May include educational displays, discussions, presentations, special feature articles, wetland walks and celebrations, and an array of other outreach and communication events.  Information on national, regional, and local activities planned for May will be updated and posted throughout the month on EPA’s American Wetlands Month website: http://www.epa.gov/owow/wetlands/awm/.

In addition, EPA has created a new American Wetlands Month Widget which can easily be shared and embedded on other Web site(s), hot linking to EPA’s American Wetlands Month Web page (http://tinyurl.com/3935qyh). EPA will produce a number of informative American Wetlands Month tweets.



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