Wintertime is the time, it seems, that everything on the car breaks. First the mirror, well that was probably a snow plow. Then the oil needed to be changed, but Andy didn’t make the appointment because of the snow forecast, then he forgot after that. He needs to make the appointment since I have a card for a free oil change at the dealer. Anyway, the other day the oil light came on. Crap. But yesterday the oil light was off, as was one of the headlights.

When the other headlight burned out it was summer, the two pack was cheaper so I bought that, thinking the other light would go soon. No it waited until this weekend, when it is freezing cold to burn out. Fortunately I don’t have to change it. Also fortunate that Nick knows how and when I reminded him he said, “I’ll do it right now.” Two boys in the same family. So different.

Now I have to get out of this bed. I had a clever way of saying how I was still in bed and blaming it on sore muscles, when I have no idea if my muscles are sore, I haven’t used them yet today!


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No more wandering in the Hudson Valley. I have achieved my dream, it was a long time working toward it, but now I am here, living in NYC. My dream, my goal, my purpose in life. View all posts by Suzi

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